Procurement of Trade Contractors

When you engage KSK Construction Group, we handle the process of procuring trade contractors. This process includes the selection, negotiation and contracting of trade contractors who will be working on your project.

During the selection stage, we will review prospective trade contractors and edit the list of candidates based on our past experience with them. We actively participate in trade contract negotiations, not only to obtain most competent trade contractor for the best price, but also to secure terms and conditions favorable to the owner.

Coordination of A&E and Consultants

In order for your construction project to progress efficiently, it is essential to conduct an authoritative interpretation and critique of your construction documents. KSK Construction Group will handle this for you, and we will coordinate the design and construction consultants to ensure that everyone is starting on the same page. Elements of this vital process include:

  • Review of construction documents– we will review all construction documents produced to date by the architect to provide a constructability analysis. This analysis will help the design engineers and the architect produce appropriate construction documents prior to construction.
  • Once construction begins, we will help the trade contractors interpret the construction documents and coordinate with the design engineers and the architect to identify any latent defects and conflicts in the documents.
  • KSK Construction Group will oversee the flow and distribution of shop drawings, coordination drawings, catalog cuts, sketches and controlled inspection services provided by the design engineers and the architect. We will also assist the lending institution’s inspectors with a monthly progress visit, including preparation of monthly requisitions for the lending institution.

Performance of Trade Contractors

  • We will monitor the day-to-day performance of contractors and monitor the quality of supervision and adherence to the project schedule.
  • We will make recommendations to increase, decrease, or replace manpower to alleviate potential problems such as cost overruns and unsatisfactory workmanship.
  • We will also advise trade contractors about underperformance which could impact other trade contractors, and the overall completion schedule. We will also assist the owner in taking the necessary steps to address the trade contractor who may be responsible for delays.

QA/QC Functions

Although the terms Quality Assurance and Quality Control are often used interchangeably in our industry, there is a crucial difference:

  • Quality Assurance is the process of ensuring that trade contractors comply with the terms of their contracts. KSK Construction Group will inspect the work and assure whether trade contractors’ performance adheres to the terms of scope of their work as defined in their contacts.
  • Quality Control ensures compliance with job specifications. To monitor quality control, we will inspect to verify whether the materials and workmanship are in conformance with the stated job specifications.


In order for your project to progress smoothly, adherence to the job schedule is essential. We will create a CPM schedule to track and monitor the contractors’ progress.

  • We provide a preliminary CPM schedule with each proposal which can be adjusted for the satisfaction of all parties involved. Once the job begins, we will provide monthly updates to the CPM schedule.
  • We will identify any problems or delays as a result of performance, and recommend procedures to remedy problems in order to meet important milestone dates.
  • We will prepare bi-weekly bar chart schedules and conduct bi-weekly job site meetings with trade contractors to coordinate scheduled activities.

Cost Control

KSK Construction Group is acutely aware of the importance of cost control before and during the execution of your project. In addition to maintaining adherence to your budget, proactive cost control can help identify any issues or challenges early in the process.

Once you engage KSK Construction Group, we will provide you with an estimated cost breakdown for your project.

When you are satisfied with the estimate, we will prepare a Control Budget which would distribute costs under customary industry categories.

KSK Construction Group will review monthly requisitions, not only to determine correct payment to trade contractors, but also to assign the appropriate code to the costs incurred. We will then track actual costs vs. control budget on a monthly basis to identify cost overruns, and the reasons for any deviation from the budget.

Value Engineering

In general, value engineering means devising the most economical solution to an engineering problem without compromising the integrity of the design or the safety of workers. Every construction project requires value engineering to a certain degree.

As your construction partner, KSK Construction Group will review site layout to determine the optimum location for temporary facilities such as trailers, cranes and material and personnel hoists. We will also assist in selection of cranes; choosing the type and quantity of hoists; and the height and location of sidewalk sheds, sidewalk closures and loading docks.

We will also render value engineering solutions for problems that may arise during construction.

Dispute Avoidance

Unfortunately, disputes have become a common occurrence in the construction industry. You can depend on KSK Construction Group to assist you in the timely resolution of disputes on case-by-case basis.

  • We will first determine the merits of any dispute; then, we will recommend best course of action to resolve the dispute.
  • If a dispute is determined to have merit, which may require the creation of an additional work order for a trade contractor, we will help negotiate the scope and cost of any additional work. We will then research the cause of the dispute and the resulting additional work so that added costs can be recovered from the responsible parties.
  • If a dispute is deemed to have no merit, we will advise you accordingly. In this situation, a trade contractor would likely pursue its dispute through arbitration or litigation, and we will assist your attorneys in preparation for such an action.

Progress Reports

We will prepare monthly progress reports which will summarize all construction activities, and include a commentary addressing any schedule or budgetary concerns, and our recommendations to address them.


KSK Construction Group offers a range of services to help ensure that your construction project runs smoothly, safely, and according to your budget and schedule. As a company that has completed more than 50 major construction projects in New York City, we have deep and broad experience that will help you avoid the pitfalls that can occur with large construction jobs.

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