Project /Quality Engineer


Position Description:


In this capacity, the candidate is expected to apply the knowledge of civil/structural/geotechnical engineering skills and techniques, management, and business sciences to the processes of construction requiring judgment in the evaluation, through which designers' plans and specifications are converted into physical structures and facilities; the candidate will as well be engaging in the design of temporary structures, reviewing shop drawings, site planning and layout, cost estimating, planning and scheduling, management, materials procurement, equipment selection, cost control and estimating, and quality management. The candidate is expected to use his knowledge and experience in organization, administration, and coordination of all the elements involved in construction including labor, temporary and permanent materials, equipment, supplies and utilities, money, technology and methods, and time etc. to further enhance the Company’s ability in completing construction projects on schedule, within the budget, and in accordance with the specified standards of quality and performance. The candidate is also expected to handle multiple projects at the same time which requires traveling to several different work sites on a regular basis.